Other Realms

Other Realms

For a long time, I told myself that the odd happenings and sightings in my life were just figments of my imagination. I told myself that I was dreaming and had a vivid imagination, that the ghosts, spirits, and cryptids I saw did not exists; that is until recently.

As time went on and having taken courses and reading books and articles on the topic, I stopped doubting myself. I now wholly believe that whatever I did see, that some thing was not my imagination or some hallucination, but real and true.

I have seen some odd things in my life, some things that I to this day do not quite fully understand, but instead of doubting myself, I now just acknowledge them.
Though raised a Christian, I remain curious and am open minded and listen to other theories.  I often watch paranormal shows and enjoying listening to experts with their explanations or theories about the paranormal.

After my own sightings,  I tend to believe what experts on this topic are saying- that there may exist a parallel universe. I truly believe in this. I know...what?

Some experts believe the reason why we haven't caught Big Foot, or an unicorn or any of these creatures is that these creatures isn't that they don't exist, but they may be able to pop in and out from another universe, one I believe is near ours.

A few years ago, my aunt who had passed away appeared before me. I woke up one night and she was standing in the same area by my closet where my sister had once appeared. I at first dismissed the vision as a dream. But I knew that as I was staring at her, I was up and she was standing near my bed. She appeared younger and stronger and her voice seemed bolder. My aunt had been a very soft spoken and kind woman; this spirit was her but seemed so much stronger.

At first, I was scared as she seemed different but then she told me in a few words that she did not like a person my family and I had been dealing with. Though we were friends at the time, my aunt's words turned out to be telling. The "friend" indeed turned out to be crooked.

I have also witnessed two creatures.

Previously, I have watched shows and read about places where UFO sightings and Skinwalkers are more prevalent such as at Skinwalker Ranch. I spent a lot of time as a child on the Big Island of
Hawaii and there are many legends, superstitions, and folklore there.  I feel that indeed some areas or pockets attract greater activity especially if there was spiritual activity going on in the past.

I remember we used to stay at a hotel called the Crescent Moon in Hilo. I used to cry and get upset with my parents whenever we would stay there. It turns out that the motel was built on a Hawaiian burial ground.

I also believe that there can be these hot spots in one's home. I feel like the area by my closet is one. Once, my husband and daughters saw a balloon float from the door to that same area. My husband is a skeptic but the balloon followed the same path as did a cryptid I saw. The two cryptids I saw occurred both in my room. One day, I took a short nap and woke up. I saw a feathered little creature walk across my ceiling. It was a deep fiery red with feathers all over it like a bird, but it looked more like a troll. The creature walked with a little limp upside down on the ceiling. I just looked at it in disbelief and then when it noticed I could see it, it stopped for a second before continuing on. It made a little humming noise. When it was right above me, I blew at it for some reason I felt paralyzed by fear but someone that was the only thing I could do. I don't know why I did that, but then it disappeared.

The second cryptic was about five years ago. There had been activity in the house. I heard noises, felt a presence but nothing ever materialized until one night. I woke up and saw a little boy who I could describe as only as Mowgli from The Jungle Book. He was hunched in my husband's closet. The
closet space is small and he was sitting on the ledge and so he just have been like two feet. He sat there and then leapt out when I saw him. I never saw him again.

Whether or not these visions were true, I cannot tell you. But they did happen and what they mean or how they will affect my life, I cannot say.

All I know is that I truly believe there is this other realm, and somehow, they can cross into our world. The question then becomes, can we cross into theirs?