A New Way of Thinking

One thing that really helped me this year was that I'm standing up for myself. When something doesn't feel good or right, I don't accept it as "oh well..destiny" like I used to in the past. So, a few months ago, I went to a doctor who was highly recommended. Throughout the appt. I felt rushed while his outlook was very grim. The office was cold and sterile. So I went back to my primary doctor and she kept saying after I expressed myself that I'm "old school," this guy is good, and this is the way it is nowadays.

I refused and I prayed and sought out another doctor for another option. Today was my appt. and it turns out, the second doctor was so wonderful, so kind and explained other options and what exactly was going on.I was really happy I listened to myself and got a second opinion.

Afterwards, I said, I need a treat so I went to get a soybean latte and on the way walking to Starbucks, I saw a little delicate feather on the road greeting me. It wasn't gigantic or spectacular in its appearance but quite beautiful it is natural simplicity. I said, "Thank you Jesus and angels for being there." I left it and kept walking but then,  I heard very clearly. "Go get it." And I did! After sooo
many years, I'm just tired of listening to others, and not my own wisdom and intuition, and I know my life will continue to change including my health with this new outlook. Hope you are all great!


Jim D said…
Proud of you ! You are a gem.