Do you talk ghosts?

Ghost Tales: To be quiet or not to be quiet

The first time I had an encounter with a spirit was when I was about six. Now, was I an unusual child? Yes! I was highly sensitive, loved being alone, and was paranoid of people following me. I felt out of place and I could definitely relate to the child in the movie the Sixth Sense.

I would say I could always feel things. I did not see my first apparition until I was older but I could feel things. My parents took my sister and me to Hawaii every year and stayed there in the summer. Sometimes, we stayed with my uncle, other times at a beautiful hotel near Hilo Bay, but there was one motel we sometimes stayed at called the Crescent Manor. I highly doubt that motel is still around. 

I would literarily beg my parents not to take me there. It was spooky and even the name sounds like something from a scary movie. But the first time, I really felt a presence, was when I was about six. Every night at one in the morning, I had some presence come into my room and shake my bed. I would then run into my parents and sleep next to my mom. Sometimes, I would even find myself on the floor. I was terrified. My mom probably didn't know what to do.  She then prayed and because my mother was and still is very sensitive, she picked up that the presence was an Native-American who came to visit me. Telling me what it was did not soothe me for weeks, every night, my bed would shake. I got so scared, I remember making a cross out of tinfoil and placing it on my chest. Eventually, the bed stopped shaking and I guess the spirit went away. (maybe the cross did work).

Since that time, I would see more spirits until one day, I got so scared, I prayed to God that this ability was taken away. And it did go away. I saw, heard nothing for years. But along with that, I also noticed that I stopped listening to my intuition and was always lost and confused. 

I began reopening up that ability about five years ago. I have taken lessons and courses o on how to protect myself from negative energies and more about this ability, and this has helped me
tremendously. I used to wake up and see spirits and odd things and be so frightened, but now I know how to manage my abilities. It can be scary because it is unexpected. 

Now, I get it. Some of you do not believe in spirits and that's ok. My dad was raised in a Buddhist temple and right in his backyard was a graveyard. He never saw anything.but his sister did.  I used to go there all the time and never saw anything. But the last time I went, a few years ago, I did sense spirits just watching me. So with my father being a skeptic, I totally understand there are those who do not believe. I had a Christian friend tell me flat out that ghosts do not exist. But I know what I know. 

I usually don't talk about spirits and ghosts unless the person asks me or is reading this post. If you made it this far and are reading this, you probably are interested in this kind of stuff.  But I never bring it up where I sense the topic is not going to be welcomed. I'm here to convince anyone. 

Have you had an experience with a spirit? Do tell. Comment below.