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It has been such an amazing journey. After taking courses with Doreen Virtue, and Reiki Awakening Academy and now being a part of Kyle Gray's Angel Tribe and a student of world renowned Angel Tarot reader Radleigh Valentine,  I will be offering you my insights this June of 2019. 

We will focus on one area of your life, and I will use Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light cards. The readings will be light, encouraging and fun. No weird darkness allowed! (: I always pray before the readings and teach you how to breathe before the reading to clear the energy.

Come back in June 2019 for more information! 

For questions: please write me at 
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Disclaimer:  1. This is for purely entertainment purposes...please do not take everything to heart, literarily and use your common sense: go seek professional help..... I'm not a doctor, therapist, accountant.  or magician 

2. and please don't write me that this is not religious or whatever. I grew up with incredible Christians who know the Bible back and forth and walk the walk.  And I believe in Christ..I'm old enough not to be lectured or judged . I only believe in helping others with good practical advice / and do not deal with weird dark energies. 

Sending positive and joyful blessings,