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It has been such an amazing journey. After taking courses with Doreen Virtue, and Reiki Awakening Academy and now being a part of Kyle Gray's Angel Tribe, I am now offering my readings to others. 

We will focus on one area of your life, and I will use Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light cards. The readings will be light, encouraging and fun. No weird darkness allowed! (: I always pray before the readings and teach you how to breathe before the reading to clear the energy.


Right now with my schedule....I only am doing email readings and this is free and kind of like practice for me...they are for free cause i just don't have time to set up a business etc......

Write me at 
Headline READING....

Ask one question and see if I can get any vibes. I'm pretty honest if I don't. I like things fast and easy so please don't go on and on....THX I know I sound cranky but I'm nice. 

Please note: 1. I do this for fun...please do not take everything to heart, literarily and use your common sense: go seek professional help..... I'm not a doctor, therapist, accountant.  or magician if your situation needs help... 

2. and please don't write me that this is not religious or whatever. I grew up with incredible Christians who know the Bible back and forth and walk the walk.  And I believe in Christ..>I'm old enough not to be lectured or judged . I only believe in helping others with good practical advice / and do not deal with weird dark crap. 
tx u very much.