Mental Health

My spiritual journey began when I was sixteen. I had always loved writing and reading so I began to read lots of books on self-help to help me a long my path. I went to almost every local bookstore around...from Borders to B.Dalton to Mom and Pop stores to Libraries and always came home with a stack of books.

I read books by John Bradshaw, Louise Hay, Melodie Beattie while my favorite inspirational authors included Catherine Marshall who wrote "Christy." I read a mixture of Christian books, writing books  and New Age. I just read books that resonate with me whether they were New Age or Christian or Buddhist.

Those books back then helped me so much and I have continued to read along my spiritual journey which will probably never end.  I just love to seek books and authors that have an authentic voice, a genuine heart and have teachings that were applicable to my life.

In the last few years,  I had been reading mainly books that offered inspiration and guidance. I am in a state of transition, and healing both emotionally and physically; therefore, I really look out for authors who can help me in this process.

The Hay House Publishing House has published many of the books that I read today. I signed up for the Hay house All Access Pass and began to listen to and read the works of John Holland, Dougall Fraser, James Van Praagh,  Kyle Gray and many others.

On this page, I will highlight books or online courses that I personally have read or taken. While a few may be written by non-Hay House authors,  most of the authors will be from H.H.

I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear from you about what you think and also about your favorite authors and recommendations.

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