My Tools For Meditation -Gaya Lynn

I never thought I could ever practice meditation on a daily basis. To be honest, I really didn't feel the need to meditate and believed that meditation wouldn't be a good fit as I was the kind of person who could not sit still. 

Back then, I did, however, and still do pray on a daily basis.  I am a strong believer in Jesus, angels, and prayer.  But meditation just didn't appeal to me.  I could not see myself sitting still first of all and I definitely did not think I could silence my mind. I just figured meditation worked for cool looking people who 
practiced yoga or Buddhist monks. 

But I kept reading about the benefits: "It clears the mind, ignites the imagination, helps healing..." I decided if it works for them, maybe I should really put forth the effort and try it again. 

One day, I embarked on my journey to start to meditate, and I turned to my meditation teacher or rather several....where else? YouTube! 

I began with a guided meditation. At first, I just searched "guided meditations" and a plethora of meditations came my way. They were all quite good. At first, I found myself falling asleep as soon as I laid down as I just loved their soothing voices. Soon, after listening to quite a few, I began to resonate with some meditations rather than others.  There were some voices I just liked. I don't know why but their voices relaxed me as did their messages. The ones I resonated with had smooth easy voices and their messages were simple and uncomplicated. I began to save them and have a go-to list. 

Soon, I had a set group of people I enjoyed listening to. I then went from guided meditations to music (I like music that has bells or sounds of the ocean or rain.) I closed my eyes, did my deep breathing, relaxed and before I knew it... I was meditating. If you look up the word meditation and its definition, the meaning is basically to "reflect", "contemplate" and "reach a higher level of spiritual awareness." That's it. It doesn't necessary mean that you have to (unless you want to) climb to some
remote area in the Himalayas or have an outer body experience or levitate. It just means to try to reach a higher level of spiritual awareness. For me, it means to quiet my mind, breathe and focus within. The "how to" truly depends on the individual in my opinion. 

I am sure there are many who can absolutely quiet their mind and go into some spiritual almost outer body dream-like experience or trance. I have, however, never been able to fully silent my mind. But I do not fight this. Instead, I see the thought, and just like  a passing cloud, let it drift away. I sometimes utter "I see you. I hear you..." If the internal "noise" starts taking over my mind,  I then say to myself.... "Hold on. I'll deal with you after."

I truly believe there is a right or wrong way for me to meditate. Nor is there not a perfect look. I'm often in comfy clothes and if I need to go to a meeting or teach first thing in the morning, I sometimes have to skip the full session, and do an abridged session of just deep breathing in the kitchen or outside. 

What is important is that at the end,  I feel better and much more centered. I feel more connected to the world, to the universe and my soul. That chatter, often negative, that once used to dominant my mind is not as loud and noisy as before. 

Here are some tools I have incorporated within my sessions. I am sure as you go along your spiritual path, you may or may not need items to assist in your mediative sessions. Some of you may need absolutely nothing while others require certain items like essential oils or aromatherapy or controlled temperature. 

Here are some tips I have used: 

-I usually limit the session to ten or fifteen minutes. It is a time frame that works well with me. I like to start my day right away and it yet it gives me enough time to really focus. 

-As time goes on, I have found that I can tune out outer distractions much more easily and I start to visualize almost immediately. Sometimes, I see images like today, when I was doing a healing meditation, I immediately saw two young men chiseling something in the ground. Sometimes, I see colors or orbs in my mind's eye. 

-Find a quiet place for you. It doesn't have to elaborate..just some place where  you can be undisturbed for your session. It doesn't have to be absolutely quiet. That's hard to find. I can always hear kids in a nearby park. 

Items that I use: 

All you need is either your cell/PC for guided meditations. I just keep a few
items on hand but again, are not mandatory. 

-a yoga met and a pillow. I know there are those who can meditate on a bed of nails...but I love comfort. I got my pillow from QVC. I was using it as a lap desk which can be used as both. 

-A beautiful rosary from Mexico. I once worked for a gentleman and out of the blue, his housekeeper gave me this rosary. She said her uncle is an well-known priest in Mexico and he blessed it.  I was so moved by this gesture and truly treasure this gift. 

-my collection of crystals. 

-an eye mask. I like darkness when I meditate. I got
mine for a few bucks at TJ MAXX. 

-I tend to get cold when I meditate so I like a blanket and I found this towel in my closet which I never use cause it is so pretty and soft. I like it cause it's soft and comfy and easy to clean. 

Let me know if you meditate and how it is changed your life.

Thanks for stopping by. Infinite blessings,