Embarrassing Moments? Bring em on!

Whenever someone does something embarrassing, I often hear them say "Oh my gosh, I want to die." Now, yes in that moment, it is a terrible feeling. Tripping in front of a crowd or walking around with a piece of dark green spinach  (it's always those big dark chunks) stuck in the middle of your teeth is not a great look to have. 

I am almost sure we have all done things like that. 

I have had so many embarrassing incidents, I truly have lost count. Some in fact were so bad, my daughters actually were embarrassed for me.  "Mom, really?" they would tell me. 

I'll share you one example. So a while back, I was on these meds and one of the side effects (I believe) was that it made my hair fall out. To compensate for my bald spot in the back of my head, I wore a hair piece. It was dark brown and curly. 

So one day, I was in a business meeting with my hair piece pinned on the back of my head like a bun. Everything went well until I stood up. 

When I did, I immediately spotted on my chair this brown curly thing. I completely forgot that it was my hair piece. For a brief second, I was so startled, I let out a small gasp. "Is that a gerbil on my chair? How did it get there?" I asked myself as I was about to tell the group to call pest control. 

Thankfully,  no one noticed. It then hit me that this was of course my hair piece. 

I laughed so hard to myself and quietly picked up the "gerbil" and placed it in
my purse. 

It could have been very embarrassing. But the point being is that no one really noticed, and even if they did, they probably would have either laughed or felt bad for me. Then they would have gone with their lives. 

I think most of us think that people care way too much. And really if they do, then they have too much time on their hands. Sh.. happens. We get spinach in our teeth, we slip up,  we do silly things but I think there is beauty in these moments-they remind us that we are indeed human and even makes us more human.  

I used to watch this reality game show years ago. This was at the beginning when reality shows were just starting to get big. The show was great; it featured everyday folks who had to compete in teams. The mission was to find out who was the actual person who was working on both sides and undermining the teams. It seemed unscripted and real and their characters were interesting; I could always find someone who reminded me of someone I knew or myself. 

Soon, the show became a hit. And then it went downhill. Suddenly, the cast who was supposed to be "real" but was made up of young gorgeous people who had veneers and most likely wanted to become actors. Maybe one or two of them were interesting while the rest had no personality and were just nice to look at. Soon, the show lost its "realness" and got cancelled. That real "human" element was gone. One show that really is great is "Finding Bigfoot." The cast is made up of charming intellectual individuals who are passionate about finding Big Foot. The show is not about Big Foot per say but really about how funny and "real" the cast is. 

I once knew a lady who was "perfect." She looked perfect, her hair was perfect, her clothes always on point, her smile all perfect but I was always so uncomfortable around her. She was like a robot. I could not see her soul and I always say to myself, "the people I love the most are those where I can see clearly what they must have been like as a child. They are not too grown up." 

That is why I find it very charming when I see a little sweat above the brow, when someone makes a joke and didn't realize it, has an embarrassing moment and is able to just laugh at it....

Have a great week!