What Happened in Hawaii......Ghost Experience by Gaya

By the time I was twenty-five, I had had my share of experiences with angels, guides, and spirits. Back then, I really did not have a profound understanding about the spirit world. Whatever I knew, I learned from movies like "Poltergeist" or "Ghost" or my own reading. Nor did I have much interest in learning more, as that  whole topic scared me. I almost felt the more I knew, the more unexplained events would occur. 

For quite some time, I had dismissed my experiences as figments of my imagination. But now,  after years of study and familiarizing myself with the subject of the supernatural, I understand more and I know that these events did indeed occur,  and no one could ever discount or tell me otherwise. 

My whole family has had experiences. My younger sister is very sensitive to energy and when our dog passed away, she told me what had happened. I was cleaning the dishes and she was in the living room when she walked up to me and with tears in her eyes, said she saw a very tall spirit walk past her and go to where the dog was. He passed away a little time after. 

My older was always very intuitive, she could spot a phony a mile away and really hated being lied to. She was extremely genuine and authentic and in fact, interestingly enough, when she was in a manic state, she became more psychic. 

I had seen and felt spirits since I was a little girl but it was getting to the point that I was scared to go to sleep for fear of opening my eyes and seeing a spirit hovering nearby. 

Now, many years later, I am much more grounded and have a much better understanding about what I am experiencing.  It is my belief (and I realize you may not agree or even believe in spirits or the supernatural world which is fine) that I was born sensitive and my
lack of understanding made the entire experience scary for me.  In movies, usually spirits are a bad thing.. yucky ghosts to get rid of....I believe however and again forgive me if you don't agree....a lot of spirits are not bad at all and are just either lost, or have not been able to cross over to heaven. I have a friend who often tells me that 
because of her faith, she tells me that there are absolutely no such thing as a ghost...As a result, instead of agreeing, I really do not talk to her about my experiences as they are very personal; I only share my stories with those who want to hear about them..hopefully you! 

So when I was about twenty-five I was staying at my uncle's home in Hawaii. If you know the history of Hawaii, it is filled with ghost stories, superstitions etc.....One summer afternoon, I went to a room and took a nap. Outside in the next room, a friend of my sister's was there with my little cousins playing video games. I woke up and was just sitting there listening to them play and thinking I better get up. It was late in the afternoon so the room was getting dark. 

Mind you. I was up. I was not asleep. Just then the door opened and there before me was a young woman I would say about 30. I can still picture her in my mind. She had on Levi's jeans and a white shirt but her face was turned around. She had long really long blond hair. She then turned on the light. At first, I thought she was a guest or a visitor of the family. She wasn't transparent and nothing seemed odd about her except
that she had super long hair and wouldn't turn around. 

"Who are you?" I asked. 

She then let out a gasp. It was as if I had actually startled her, that perhaps she was surprised I could see her. 

"Oh no one, dear," she said. She had the kindest voice. She then turned off the light and walked into the bathroom where I heard the light and fan go on. 

Not particularly startled, but more curious, I got up and was wondering who she was. It was then that I noticed that the bathroom was indeed empty, that the light was not on. I gasped. I then ran to the room with my cousins. "Does Uncle have someone over?"

My friend looked at me. "No. Why."

I just saw a woman walk in. He shook his head and went to the bathroom. "Ah no one is there. I swear. No one has been here. Are you ok?" he asked as his eyes got big and he looked frightened. "You look like you just saw a ghost." 

"I think I did," I replied. 

I then told my uncle the story and he told me to keep quiet and not say anything to my aunt or the kids as not to frighten anyone...By then, I was then hysterical and freaked out. I asked my mom to pray for me. 

I had seen enough ghosts and I was tired of seeing them. I then prayed to God to take away that ability, whatever ability I had,  and since that moment, I stopped seeing spirits for many years except for a few incidences within the last few years. 

Years later, I finally told that story to my cousins. Apparently, many years ago, there indeed was a young Caucasian woman who had rented the home and had committed suicide. My cousin asked me why I never told anyone and I explained why. She then told me that she never could into that room, that it felt weird,  and now it actually was used for storage. It felt good for her to listen to me, and acknowledge what had happened. 

Back then, I did not understand any of what had happened and had been so scared. But that was a long time ago, and I have since changed. 

Till next week. 

Love and light, 


Dear readers: 
I know that may not agree with what I wrote or even believe me.  I completely understand and respect your difference in opinions and beliefs as I hope you can respect mine....

Please know that my intention is never to offend but to share. My ideas may not be align with your opinion....and this may or may not be the right blog for you....