Angels Part 3 by Gaya Lynn

I have heard that the supernatural beings I have seen are commonly referred to as "healing guides" ...spiritual beings who are able to appear to us as human beings and who come here on specific missions in order to help us out. 

I have heard, as I am sure many of you have, about these amazing supernatural beings as they show up at car accidents (A priest who came to help out a person who was in a car accident but then who disappeared.) or other times of need while I myself have had a few encounters....The next example is when a healing guide showed up to help me when I was at a train station, La Stazione Termini, in Rome. 

After coming back to the states for a few years, I decided that I wanted to go back to Italy.  I missed it.  I had already graduated from college and had gotten work out in California but when I had the opportunity to go back to Italy, I did not hesitate. I felt like a fish out-of-water back in California and felt lost and confused. My sister had just been diagnosed as being manic depressive, and she was extremely difficult and sometimes abusive to live with, so I could not wait to pack up and fly out to Rome. 

I arrived not really knowing what I was going to do. I had a job as a nanny with a family in Florence while the friends I had in Rome,  I no longer kept in touch with. Even my my first real love, Luciano,  had gone on with his life and had gotten married. 

When I arrived in Rome, I immediately realized that I was alone, that no one was there to pick me up at. Usually, coming to Italy was filled with excitement as I would either begin a new semester at college or see my boyfriend. But this time, I was older, single, and had little idea what I was going to do there. And then, as the day went on,  things went from bad to worse. 

After I went in line to go through customs, I got immediately pulled over by immigration. A nice passenger who I had seen on the plane was behind me and looked at me sympathetically. "it's because they think you are Filipino."

I modded. I actually was used to getting pulled on the side whenever I went to Italy. People often thought I was Chinese or Filipino and was trying to sneak into the country.  I went to a side room when a gentleman came in. He then asked me in broken English what I was doing in Italy. I then responded in Italian that I was there to visit my boyfriend, and that I was American.  He looked at my passport, smiled,  and then let me out.

Once outside, I was hungry and tired, and soon realized how heavy my luggage was. (I had foolishly packed my life into this old suitcase without any wheels).  The rest of that day is vague in my memory, but it was very strange and somehow, I ended up, after getting out of the airport, taking this underground tunnel where I got lost. It should have been a short detour but somehow I made a wrong turn. 

A few minutes after I was walking, suddenly a group of children rushed up to me. They were holding "I'm hungry" signs. It was the oddest thing. Here I was all alone and these kids were around me as if I were in some horror flick. They began grabbing my suitcase and took a few things from my purse. Fortunately, they did not get my passport or my wallet. I then circled around and rushed away. I do not even remember how I got away but once outside, I was getting angry at myself. I had not planned my trip well. My suitcase was getting heavier and  I had very little money. By some miracle however, I made it to the train station. A few kind-hearted people helped me to get to the station and once inside, it was then that a human guide appeared out of where. 

At the station, my arms were so tired, I could barely walk. By then, 
I could no longer carry my suitcase and the ticket line seemed so far away. Not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes, ready to cry when an Asian man walked up to me. I still remember what he looked like. (Very much like this photo) He was
very tall, young and handsome. He then did the oddest thing. Instead of speaking to me, he simply picked up my suitcase. 

At first i thought he was going to steal it but then I realized I had nothing worth of value inside the case. Within a few minutes of me trying to catch up to him and speak to him,  I realized that something about the man was quite different. 

He kept staring straight ahead and did not utter a word.  When we arrived at the ticket counter, the young man smiled quietly, and placed the suitcase down and while I was thanking him and looking for some money to give him as a token of my appreciation, he walked past me. When I turned around a second later, he literarily disappeared. He was no where in sight.

He would have definitely stood out but he just vanished. Afterwards, I then purchased and ticket and somehow made it to Florence. 

I had never experienced such an long and odd trip. Writing about this so many years later, I can only remember bits and pieces. But what I do recall with great clarity is that young man, or rather human guide, who helped me in such a gracious manner and that darn heavy suitcase.


Have you ever had an experience where you may have encountered a human guide? If so, I would love to hear about it...

Write it in comments or email me and I'll publish it here.