Angels Part 2 by Gaya Lynn

The second time I communicated with a guide was when I was about thirty.  

While working as a freelance writer, I worked part-time at a bookstore. I was in my late twenties and it was a frustrating time for me. After living on my own in Italy for years, I came back to the states to help my parents with my sister. My sister had her first psychotic break when she was twenty-five and after her marriage fell apart, she was constantly in and out of the psychiatric ward and my parents were exhausted.  After living such a wonderful life in Italy, coming back home was not easy.

Personally, I was not doing well. I had broken up with my fiancee in Italy and probably instead of jumping into another relationship, I should have just stayed single. Instead, I found myself in yet another relationship. At first,  Michael and I were quite happy and there was even talk of marriage until I realized that as wonderful as he was, he was not the right person for me and soon, I broke up with him.  

Between working and taking care of my sister, I decided to go back to get my masters. On the one hand, I wanted to go back into teaching while on the other hand, I also wanted to get a degree in writing and journalism.  With my life in limbo, I began praying about my future, and then one day, a funny thing happened.

One morning I came to work. It was just me and another young man named Christian. We opened the store at 10 and while he went to the back, I was left alone up front. A man soon walked in, just a few minutes after we had opened. 

He was around thirty, stocky with a beard and looked just like the actor Zack Galifianakis.  He was dressed in corduroy pants and a long sleeved shirt. I had been working at the store for quite some time and we always had our regulars first thing in the morning but I had never seen him before.

He came up to the counter. Every single time when someone came to the front desk, the person would always have a question. "Where can I find this book? Where is the history section?" but this time, he did not ask me about a book or a section, instead, he just said "how are you today?"

"Great," I answered.  I waited for him to ask about a book but then he went on.

"I bet you are good with people," he said. 

I looked at him perplexed. At first, I thought he was lonely and just wanted to chat. "Yes, I suppose so." 

"Yes, you are good with people and you like people."

"Wow," I said, realizing that something about this encounter was odd. "You know I have been praying for a sign if I should start this teaching program. Maybe you are the sign."

The man looked at me and shook his head. "God would never force you to do something. It's like you are a canvas and it still needs the paint," he said as he held up his hands as if holding up a frame.  "You will get it. God wanted me to tell you that today.' 

My eyes grew wide. I looked down for a second and shook my head. "Wow, that's incredible." When I looked up the gentleman was gone.  No one was in the store. It was a pretty big store and I should have caught him at least walking out. Instead, he just disappeared.  I rushed out to the food court and again, it was empty.

Christian came out and looked at me. "Your face is so pale. You look like you just saw a ghost."

I told him quickly what had happened. "This guy just disappeared." Christian ran out front and came back. "No one is here. Wow. how weird."

I never saw that man again. He never came to the store again. A few weeks later, I made my decision. I decided to go to get my MFA in writing. Teaching would have to wait.

Thanks for stopping by. Have you had a similar experience. If so, comment here or drop me a line. 

Blessings and joy!