A Little COLOR Adds Wonders- Gaya Lynn

For years, my favorite color was black. I know.....Addams family. Indeed, if you look into my closet,  you will find that all my clothes are either one of two colors: brown and black.

I never really thought about how much black I wore until one day I spoke to my mother. One Christmas, I gave her a black sweater, a really pretty one for Christmas. After she opened it, I could tell immediately that she did not like it. "It's very nice," she said. "But I don't like to wear black." 

My mother loves color as it represents her vibrant energetic personality. Pinks, yellow, white, green are her favorites.   She then looked at me, her daughter, a.k.a. the Lady in Black.  It was a hot day in June and I looked like I had just come back from a funeral as I donned my usual black pants,  and my all time favorite t-shirt- a black one with a little cartoon girl with an umbrella that said "Sad Girl."

I do not know why I like black so much but I do. Maybe it is sort of an invisibility clock for

me.  I do not like to stand out in a crowd and wearing a bright yellow dress just never felt right.  But now, with summer coming up, I wonder if it is time to add a little bit of my color to my life. Why even my kids started to notice how much black I wore and have nicknamed me Sadness from Disney's Inside Out. 

Since last year, I have been doing some heavy duty spiritual work. I wanted big changes in my life. My health was not doing well; my list of "what's wrong with me" was growing: I had a tear in my meniscus, developed a weird rash, and then on top of it, I began having terrible anxiety when driving the freeways. I mean it had gotten so bad, I had become the one  who drives 50 mph in the slow lane. 

I have always believed that in order to bring about positive changes in one's life, the first thing to do is to change oneself and shake things up a bit. I feel that little even the most minute change can in my opinion get things moving. So one of the many ways I began to change was by adding color into my life. Nothing of course is wrong with liking dark colors and believe me, I highly doubt that you will ever find me wearing fuchsia from head to toe, but on an intuitive level, I believed that being stubborn and keeping things the same have somehow resulted in my opinion to my stagnation. 

For the past few months, I have been listening to one of my favorite Hay House Radio hosts and mediums, Dougall Fraser. He is absolutely amazing. Enormously gifted and psychic, he can see auras and colors around people and he is spot on when talking about what is going on in someone's life. 

After listening to several of his podcasts, I began to notice and become more cognizant about color. I started to feel its power,  and significance, and have started to add more color in my life. 

So I began slowly.  Here is a list of steps I used:  

-I began to notice colors in nature. For example, during my walks. Instead, of keeping my head to the ground while walking, I started to look up and notice all the colors surrounding me. I also love the ocean and just marveled at how many colors even the water possesses. In nature, color is everywhere; it truly is a gift from the Universe and God. 

-I took note of the colors in my home, and began adding color to my life such as to my diet. I now love making my salads with lots of different colors like green cucumbers, white onions, green peas, orange carrots. 

-I started to buy colorful jewelry. I just bought a ring with little sapphire stars (one on my favorite colors).  

-I changed out my usual color of nail polish (I just realized I always used a gray color! hahaha) and right now am wearing a bright ruby red which I love! 

What are the results? 

Now, I do not know if this is all in my head, or what. But I am telling you....I have noticed significant changes. The first one was that now I have more bursts of energy. I still do my naps mind you)...but I am not dragging around quite as much.  I also even find myself smiling more. 

Another big change??? I am

becoming less of a hermit and more social. I used to CRINGE at idea of going public events but now I really don't mind them and heck, I am may even end up of enjoying them. 

I once worked with a gentleman who during his childhood had a tragic accident where he lost his sight for weeks. It must have been awful as he was only twelve at the time. By some miracle, his sight eventually returned but it was a slow and painful process. At first, he saw darkness, then gray

and then color. After that traumatic experience, he became a painter and all of his paintings are filled with bright colors. "And so my life became about color," he told me. 

So what about my clothes? Well, in all honesty, I still have a closet of blacks and browns but I have started to get ready for the summer with get ready...BLUE!  a deep blue..yes baby steps. So while I may not have a closet full of bright yellow and light pinks.at least not yet...you will see me bedazzling my current wardrobe with color and now I am walking around with red nail polish, bright jewelry.....and more often than not, an actual SMILE on my face...

Till next week, 

Love and light,