What's Golden about Silence

Shhhh....Be Still 
Gaya Lynn 

My father was born and raised in a very small town in the Hamakua District on the Big island of Hawaii.  There, in a home adjacent to a Buddhist Temple, he lived with his parents (his father was a Buddhist Minister),  an older brother and a younger sister. I spent many summers there and remember the scents of plumeria and incense from the church, and the scenery. The front yard had a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and a wide green lawn with a magnificent rain tree while on the left side there was a sugar cane field and to the right, a small graveyard. (Sleeping overnight there was frightening as the air passing through the thistle trees would produce a soft eerie whistle).

Growing up, my father said that there was not much to do back then. No big city, no shopping mall, of course no video games but without all that "stuff" my father had a happy childhood, spent mostly outside with the other kids. Dad often talks about how he loved to play outdoors, swim and go fishing after school. His schedule except for school and chores was pretty carefree. No scheduled play dates, no after school practice of soccer or baseball,  no S.A.T. prep classes.

When he was a teenager, he wanted to go into farming but then fate stepped in and a school teacher told him while he was in high school..."You should go into medicine." Dad listened and eventually went onto college and medical school.  After my parents wed, they moved to Denver and eventually to California where Dad became Chief of Staff of a prominent

No doubt-he was a success story. But he was not alone. A friend of his from the same town went on to become a physicist while my uncle became an engineer and my other uncle a politician. When I asked his classmate friend how did this area produce such stunning adults who contribute so much to society...She answered, we had lots of time to be by ourselves or to play with each other. There were lots of time to be still and quiet."

I never forgot that. I believe in these quiet moments....Though at times, that silence make me anxious because I feel I should always do something; I do know that it is essential to me. I feel many of us need quiet time so we can think, be still, and use our imagination.....a lot of times when I'm home alone, the tv is off and it is super quiet.

Sometimes, we fill out schedules till they are jam-packed with playdates, meetings, dinners, sports and lots of noise and chatter...of course, an active life is great, but I also feel that some peace and quiet in a day does wonders. I personally crave it....even if I can carve a little bit of time to meditate and breathe.....it is there that my imagination can roam, and where I can sit quietly in order hear that little voice in me speak loud and clear.

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Love and blessings,

Gaya has been writing since she was nine. She has a MFA in writing and journalism and works as a writer and PR manager/brand developer for several talented individuals.

As a child, Gaya was highly sensitive and had many supernatural experiences.
She has led a colorful life. Living in Italy for several years, and then with her sister who was a concert pianist and composer but had a severe mental illness, Gaya wants to share her insights on mental illness, childhood trauma, and finding joy with others with both this blog and a book she is
working on.

Now, after years of studying spirituality, self-help, and understanding that her intuitive skills are a gift, she is accepting the fact that the sensitivity and intuition innate within her can help herself and others. She can tune into people quickly and often can feel their hearts and souls and can relate and offer insights to others.

She herself was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and after it progressing to the point where she could barley walk last year, she has completely overhauled her diet and life and is excited to share that part of her journey with you.

Today, she is married with children and is determined to give them a wonderful happy childhood, the best gift she feels she can give to their children.

Disclaimer: All of Gaya’s blog posts are based on her own personal experiences and are opinions. She is here to share her experiences so please do not take anything out of context. They are not advice, therapy and not based on any fact. She is not a therapist or medical expert nor does not claim to be one.