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Intuitive Sessions 

Now Available! 

I am thrilled to announce that I have partnered up with angel expert/reader and Reiki Master Traci Munster for intuitive readings. Traci is an amazingly kind person and beautiful soul sister. She is a mom, wife and professional with a full career. Together, we offer hour and 30 minute sessions via ZOOM. We will be offering email and recorded session soon.

Do you feel lost, are you uncertain about something, do you want more clarity about something in your life? Maybe we can be of service. 

After working as a life/business coach with leading business folks and artists such as one of Herbalife's original founders Dick Marconi, and Jeffrey Frisch of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, I am excited to announce that I will be sharing my insights and intuitive downloads with the public in the form of an intuitive "discovery" session. Using a blend of life coaching skills, intuition and angel card reading, I will tap into your energy field and give you a clear picture of what is going in terms of work, relationships, or whatever you need more clarity.

Although I have been spiritual all my life, I have spent the last four years concentrating on the art of intuitive readings. I studied at the Reiki Academy for intuitive counseling and studied under Kyle Gray and Radleigh Valentine, world renowned authors, angel experts, and intuitive specialists. 

Now I am excited to bring these skills to you. 
By phone, text or email, I will give you a snap shot of your life. I have studied mediumship, intuitive reading, and angel card reading and incorporate all three skills along with life and business coaching into your session. 

Your session will be fun, revealing, interesting, and packed full of insights. I have done dozens of readings, and am excited to do yours.

More information coming soon! 

*These sessions are not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological interventions. I am not a trained physician or therapist. These sessions do use angel cards so if you are against all this, the sessions will probably not be a good fit. 


Let’s Get Ready! 

My background: 

I believe that my sensitivity has been passed down by my family. My grandfather was a well known Buddhist monk while my grandmother was sensitive and a Buddhist, and while in a coma, she meant Jesus Christ and saw her relatives who had passed,  and came back to life soon after as a Christian. My mother, though raised a Buddhist, had terrible depression and one day was visited by her deceased mother and Jesus Christ and she too become a Christian. My mother always had the ability to see spirits and is a powerful prayer warrior. She taught me from a young age how to pray and how to deal with spirits even those who are not so nice.

As for me, I had my first spiritual encounter when I was about eight. A spirit who my mother said was a Native Indian would visit me every night.I often saw orbs, floating objects, other beings, and could sense spirits. When I was 25, I saw and spoke to a spirit and was so scared, I turned or tried to turn that sensitivity off.

Years passed when I realized that by turning off that part of me, I always felt like I was missing something. About four years ago, after a bad knee accident, I tuned into my spiritual side in hopes of healing my knee and fixing my life which seemed very off kilter.  I took courses from the Reiki Academy on becoming an intuitive, and studied intuitive and angel card readings with both Hay House authors and intuitives Radleigh Valentine, and Kyle Gray. I feels my biggest teacher is her mother who taught her how to pray, and how to deal with spirits.
My sessions are based on messages I receive from angels, guides, and the Divine,  all information is meant to help and uplift the client. I do not make predictions.

Disclaimer: All sessions are not meant to replace medical intervention and expertise, psychiatry or therapy. These sessions do not give financial or medical advice. 


1. Do you pray or use a particular angel or God?  I do pray before and after. I am a deep believer in Jesus Christ and pray to Him. I love angels and a lot  of times can sense if you have one, sometimes two. Most of the time, people also have relatives who watch over their loved ones.

2.   I think I have ghosts in my house..can you pick up on them? Most likely yes. Do you do spiritual / ghost cleansings? Unfortunately no. I do not have the training. Yes, I believe spirits get stuck and they do exist. I had one in my house for several years. Sometimes, they come with the house…you may want to have someone who is specifically trained and well recommended, pray for your house, and sage it.

3.   What tools do you use? I only use a rosary that was blessed by a well known priest in Mexico, and given to me by a very special young lady. I also read angel cards. That’s it. Oh and I like candles.  When the energy is heavy, or after a lot of readings, I use sage and prayers.

4.   Do you read for kids and animals? Can you read for this person (like a friend or loved one) during my session? 

No, I do not read for kids. I sometimes can pick up on an animal’s energies but I am not versed in communicating with animals. That is a specialty that I have not yet pursued but I know they do exist!

As for reading for a friend during the session, the answer is yes/no. Yes, if it pertains to you…No, if it is an in depth reading for another person. I feel it is intrusive and crosses boundaries if they are not present and did not give permission.

5. I feel tired afterward the session, is that normal? Although I am not a doctor, I do feel it is normal especially after so much info. It’s like going to school; the first day is always tiresome. If however you do feel tired a few hours later, you may want to up your water, pray..If it is severe or ongoing,  please go see a doctor. Something else may be going on. If anything, you should feel vibrant. You have a clearer picture of what’s going on in your life.

6.  Can I have a whole bunch of sessions in a week or a month?  I really do not recommend more than two sessions with me in a month. I think first of all, having so many sessions, there may be a lack of trust in what your own intuition is saying and perhaps even a lack of faith if you are constantly consulting intuitive and psychics. It’s up to you. I know sometimes, we need more guidance than other times, and we feel more insecure at times. I also feel that sometimes, we keep asking different psychics the questions over and over until we find one that will give us the answer we want. So at least with me, no more than two a month.

7. Am I ever wrong? In life, of course, but during my sessions, I really try to give you concrete messages that make sense. In other words, the messenger may be off but I truly believe the message is not. My job is to take the information I get, and somehow interpret to you so you can understand it and how it applies to your life. I also love and strive to give clear, evidential readings with specific information.

8. Is there such a thing as TMI? Yes, I do not consider myself a traditional psychic and I am not a predictor of life events. I’m absolutely NOT comfortable with any information that will change your life or the lives of others. News such such as lotto winnings, whether your mate is cheating or not, etc, when you will have a baby, or such, if I will meet my soul mate (I may see someone coming into your life though). There are some psychics who are predictive and can give that kind of information, and if that is your cup of tea, then I probably am not the best fit.

I do not like to bring up misery either. If you want info about your relationship, I will tell you about the energy I feel from it, not if so and so is cheating. If however the information that is coming is that this person is harming you, yes I will share that, and I pray you take the cautionary steps and get help!
Ultimately, I always keep in mind that my words be responsible, truthful but also caring and sensitive.

9. Are some people easier to read than others? Everyone with a willing and open heart is amazing! Truthfully, yes, there are some who are perhaps sensitive themselves and super open, and it’s easier. It’s like teaching a ballerina who already is gifted and had dance lessons. But if someone is closed, full of self doubt, insecurities, those traits will come up…All I ask in that case is patience. The messages will come even if it may come a little slower as that persons begins to relax and ease up.