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I created this site in order to share with you insights and opinions about my own journey. 

Topics include: mental health, self-help, caretaking, parenting, and health. While the purpose of this site is to ultimately help others, please know that my methods and style may come off as brash. 

I am at a point of my life where I truly say what I need/want to say. While I never want to offend or hurt others, I speak what is on my mind in order to bring about improvement to dysfunctional, outdated and broken systems and practices. 

Because I often write about friends and family, I always change their names and hide their identity. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


talktothesoul@yahoo.com or mswriter@outlook.com 


With an MFA from Chapman University and a B.A. from Rome, Italy where she attended an international college, Gaya has worked in a variety of fields: from dance teacher to behavioral consultant, working with those with physical and mental challenges, to writing for many online sites including L'italoamericano and the fashion house Massi to her most recent roles as PR Director of Communications for wnf1 and Editor-in-Chief of the E-Mag Internationally Known. 

As a PR/Brand Developer, she has had the privilege of collaborating with Mr. Jeffrey Frisch, coordinator of the John Wayne Airport Arts Program and Executive Director of the Orange County Center of Contemporary Art: Mr. Dick Marconi, one of the original founders of Herbalife; Mr. Marques Anderson, a former professional football player and his charity; and financial and social media expert Mr. Todd Sonoga. Together, along with lifestyle expert Teresa Hernandez, they are working on bringing an innovative and highly effective skincare line to the states from one of Australia's top formulators.


Gaya grew up in an environment of Buddhism, Christianity, medicine, and the arts with her sister being a concert pianist and composer. Growing up in Hawaii and California, Gaya was born into a medical family with strong spiritual roots.  Her grandfather was a well-respected Buddhist minister, her grandmother had a near-death experience and though a Buddhist, encountered Jesus Christ. Her mother, a reborn Christian, worked as a nurse while her father, a physician,  now retired after years of working as Chief of Staff at a leading hospital, is today an award-winning rosarian. 

As a child, Gaya was highly sensitive and had the ability to read people and places and see spirits. Today, she feels more than ever a need to communicate with the world using both her writing skills and intuitive senses. One of the most significant experiences of her life was when she helped her sister who suffered from a devastating mental illness. For ten years, she learned about the challenges of her sister's illness and the dysfunctions of the mental care system. 

Coming soon! Fall 2019 Intuitive Sessions 

This fall, Gaya will share her intuitive abilities and experience by offering to the public in the fall 2019 Luna Light intuitive sessions. After collaborating with top artists and those in the business sector as a coach/mentor, Gaya will take her skills and help others in another realm: using her sensitivities, she will help those who are struggling, lost, and would like guidance. She will have more information on this site and her new site dedicated to her spiritual studies and experiences. Please watch for announcements. 

After dealing with the passing of her sister, health issues that came with being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, extreme anxiety, weight gain, and depression, she is now in a wonderful place in her life and is thrilled to be sharing this site with all those who so graciously have stopped by.

Today, Gaya spends her free time working on a new book about excelling at life after experiencing trauma, learning new languages, watching Kdramas and being with her family. 

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Gaya loves to read your comments and so appreciates your support and time to compose them. Please note: any comment deemed racist, hostile, or completely off topic will be deleted.) thanks! 

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