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My Motto and life's purpose: To defend the defenseless 


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With an MFA from Chapman University and a B.A. from Rome, Italy where she attended an international college, GK has worked in a variety of fields: from dance teacher to behavioral consultant, working with those with physical and mental challenges, to writing for many online sites, magazine and newspapers including L'italoamericano, the fashion house Massi, Locale Magazine to her past roles as PR Director of Communications for wnf1 and the creator of the E-Mag Internationally Known. 

As a PR/Brand Developer, she has had the privilege of collaborating with many well known artists and business personalities including the co-founder of an internationally known wellness company. 

GK has found her dream job and currently works with those with mental illness and behavioral issues.

GK a grew up in an environment of Buddhism, Christianity, medicine, and the arts with her sister being a concert pianist and composer. Growing up in Hawaii and California, GK was born into a medical family with strong spiritual roots.  Her grandfather was a well-respected Buddhist minister, her grandmother had a near-death experience and though a Buddhist, encountered Jesus Christ. Her parents worked in medicine while her mother, a devout Christian, has had many spiritual experiences. 

As a child, GK was highly sensitive and had the ability to read people and places and see spirits. Today, she feels more than ever a need to communicate with the world using both her writing skills and budding abilities as an intuitive. 

One of the most significant experiences of her life was when she helped her sister who suffered from a devastating mental illness. For ten years, she learned about the challenges of her sister's illness and the dysfunctions of the mental care system. Her sister sadly passed away. 

After dealing with the passing of her sister, health issues that came with being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, extreme anxiety, weight gain, and depression, she is now in a wonderful place in her life and is thrilled to be sharing this site with all those who so graciously have stopped by.

Today, GK spends her free time writing about her experiences with her sister, learning new languages, watching Kdramas and being with her family and three pets. 

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GK loves to read your comments and so appreciates your support and time to compose them. Please note: any comment deemed racist, hostile, or completely off topic will be deleted.) thanks! 

While I never want to offend or hurt others, I speak what is on my mind in order to bring about improvement to dysfunctional, outdated and broken systems and practices. 

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